1927 Silent Film “It” With Live Piano Score

About the Film

It is famous for turning cutie-pie Clara Bow into, as critic David Thomson described her, “the first mass-market sex symbol.” Somewhat overshadowed by this phenomenon is the fact that It is also a terrifically entertaining picture, an effortless cruise through the manners and morals of the flapper era. Bow plays a shopgirl who sets her saucer eyes on her boss (Antonio Moreno); it isn’t terribly hard to land him, since she possesses dazzle, charm, spunk… in a word, “It.” And if we’re still not sure what “It” is, there’s a moment of high camp hilarity when matronly author Elinor Glyn, who penned the original definition of “It,” strides through the movie and delivers herself of its meaning. Actually, Bow’s delightful performance does more to define “It” than anything else, and her unabashed sexiness (which didn’t play well after sound came in) clearly sets the future course for Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. –Robert Horton

About the Composer/Pianist

A self-taught composer/pianist whose creative path often leads to uncharted territory, since the late 1970s Robert Bruce has developed a diverse catalog of original work which includes: music for young children; piano repertoire for students; music for film, television and animation; music for healing and meditation; piano works; ensemble works and orchestral works.

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