Can the Butts

Can the Butts is the name of a new project from your student liaison, Miss Keep Your Neighbourhood Clean Lady! As you may have noticed, some front gardens are strewn with cigarette butts. It is now time to become more proactive.

Can the Butts

I will be filling large tin cans with sand and affixing signage. In the fall, I will introduce myself to the residents of houses with butts on the lawn and suggest to them that they use their butt cans instead of the lawn. Please give me addresses where lawns are strewn with butts, and I will introduce the tenants to our Can the Butts program.

The AWWCA board thanks AWWCA member and consulting editor ofNeighbourhood News & Views Malcolm Horsnell for coining the slogan that received the most votes from the board.

If you would like to join me on this project, contact me at 905-527-2644

This text was first published in the Spring 2010 Newsletter, pg. 11