The Churchill Park Clubhouse

The former Churchill Fields Lawn Bowling Club building, now the Churchill Park Clubhouse, has been a City-owned public facility since 2015 and is available for private and community events.

The simplest way to get information and book the clubhouse is contact the City’s Facility Booking Team:

Facility Booking Team
Healthy and Safe Communities Department
Lister Block Building – Third Floor
28 James Street North
P.O.Box 2040
Hamilton, On L8P 4Y5

Use the “Facility Application for Occasional Outdoor and Ice Rental” form on the City’s Rental Spaces page. Note that you’ll need to pick up the keys from 28 James Street North during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm).

As of April 2019, the City rates for the clubhouse (a “Category A” facility) are:

  • Resident:
    • Hourly: $15.41
    • Daily max: $77.05
  • Commercial/ Non-Resident:
    • Hourly: $25.69