Jeanne Bernard

As a new immigrant, I missed the greenery of the tropics during my four years in Toronto. When I accepted a new job in Hamilton, I was delighted to see trees everywhere. During a six-month commute, I looked for an area to live in that was beautiful, well cared for and close to nature …I settled on Ainslie Wood/Westdale. The easy access to the lakefront, a beautiful campus, and all those little stores that were family businesses said welcome to a new-comer. On the fringe there were farms, fresh produce, waterfalls, and a marvellous botanical garden. Ainslie Wood/Westdale has always been a great place to show off to out-of-town visitors—it is part of a city, yet with a character of its own.

Jeanne Bernard, First published in the Autumn 2005 newsletter, page 5