WestFest and KidsFest

WestFest, an annual event, held a celebration of 75 years of community life on June 10, 2006 in Westdale Village. The AWWCA had a history board on display at its booth, with articles from The Way We Were, as published in the newsletter of the AWWCA, Neighbourhood News & Views.

Westdale Library celebrated its 50th Anniversary in the Westdale Village as WestFest on June 9, 2007. As in previous years, the AWWCA had a booth staffed by volunteers with membership information and back copies of Neighbourhood News & Views. The AWWCA’s radiant house buttons were available for everyone.

WestFest, renamed KidsFest, took place on June 28, 2008 with even more family friendly events. The AWWCA’s 10th Anniversary celebrations took centre stage at this event. Free cake and water were distributed to all in attendance by AWWCA board members. The AWWCA honoured volunteer Janet Woodward, a board member since the AWWCA’s inception, and presented her with a plaque from the board, a signed certificate from Mayor Eisenberger and Councillor McHattie, and a ceramic piece by local artist and AWWCA block representative, Catherine Weir. The AWWCA’s new radiant house sticker was introduced offered to all.