Post It Right

As a pilot project, poster kiosks and collars have been installed in certain areas of the City that make it easier to display posters.  Please see the attached poster map for their locations within the Downtown, International Village and Westdale Business Improvement Areas (BIA).

We appreciate you working together with the City of Hamilton to ensure posters are not a safety hazard (i.e. interfere with traffic safety) and assist in maintaining a clean and positive image for the City.

Permits are not required for displaying posters; however there are some guidelines that need to be followed.

Posters are permitted based on the following;

  • Only one poster advertising the same event/activity per pole/kiosk/poster sleeve or utility pole;
  • A minimum of 200m is required between postings;
  • Adhesive tape is used to attach the poster;
  • Is made of biodegradable material;
  • Does not exceed 28cm wide by 44cm high (11”x17”);
  • Posted no earlier than 21 days before the event and removed within three (3) days after the event

No person shall place any sign on a:

  • Tree;
  • Pole on any median, traffic island or centre boulevard;
  • Traffic signal or traffic control device

The City may remove and dispose of posters at any time, without notice or compensation. Kiosks and collars are cleaned and maintained sometime during the first week of each month.

For more info on the Sign By-law 10-197,







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