Spirit of Red Hill Annual Lecture

Please reserve Monday November 7 on your calendar for the 2011 Spirit of Red Hill annual lecture – at 7:00 pm in the Unitarian Church on Dundurn St. S.

Dr. Blais’ 2010 book – Perverse Cities: Hidden Subsidies, Wonky Policy and Urban Sprawl – has won critical praise including being short-listed for the Donner Prize. She suggests that urban planning has focused on curbing sprawl by treating its symptoms and failing to recognize the market distortions and flawed policy that drive sprawl. As a result of crude public policies, a wide range of urban goods and services are subject to inaccurate price signals, including housing, non-residential properties, transportation and utilities. Mis-pricing creates hidden, perverse subsidies and incentives that promote sprawl while discouraging more efficient and sustainable urban forms. More information is available at http://perversecities.ca/.

We hope you can join us at this free public lecture – held in the Spirit of Red Hill Valley.

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