Aggressive Driver Hotline

Stop SignThe Hamilton Police Service reminds us that they have an Aggressive Driver Hotline that you can use to report non-emergency traffic violations.  You need to have leave a message with “a licence plate number, a brief car description (colour and type) and an outline of the complaint.” You do not have to identify yourself, though it is helpful to the investigator if you do.

You can call the hotline to report such dangerous behaviour as:

  • distracted drivers talking on cell phones
  • driving too quickly along residential streets
  • running red lights or stop signs
  • street racing
  • drivers cutting off motorists or cyclists

According to the HPS web site, “if the information contained in the summary conforms to the definition of a Highway Traffic Act violation, a letter is sent to the registered owner of the stated motor vehicle advising them of the incident in question.”   In some cases “more substantial” action may take place, such as a visit from an officer.

A report to the hotline won’t lead directly to a charge or arrest, obviously, but it does mean that an agressive driver may receive a warning.

Phone number for reporting:  905-546-1768

Web site for more information:


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