Robberies & Assaults in Ainslie Wood & Westdale

In the past week, there have three – apparently related – armed robberies in Ainslie Wood neighbourhoods (possibly related to a fourth in Victoria Park) and an assault in Westdale (similar to another assault in Westdale in April).  The following is from Sgt. Scott Moreton, Crime Manager for our area.

Sexual Assault – From our media release “On July 28 around 2:00 am a female was walking west bound on King Street West in the area of Paradise Rd. and Longwood road. A lone male attacked the female from behind, stabbed her and grabbed her sexually. The victim managed to break free and the suspect fled east bound on King Street West. The victim was taken to hospital where she received treatment for non-life threatening injuries and was released. The suspect is described as a male white, in his twenties; about 6 feet tall, dark short hair and he had a tan or sun burn”

Robberies – From July 30th to August 1st there have been three gun point robberies in the Westdale area.  The locations are as follows:on trail near Bowman and Baxter, at Broadway and Ward and the rail trail near Fortino’s (Rifle Range Road).  In all incidents the suspect approached the victims on a bicycle and brandished what appeared to be a firearm.

Everyone in the community should be vigilant in being aware of their personal surroundings when in comes to their personal safety in walking through the community.  Rest assured, the appropriate investigative units have been engaged in addressing these incidents and are working diligently to identify the people responsible for these crimes.

See these HPS news releases for more information:

Sgt. Moreton asks that we contact him if we have any questions related to these crimes.

Sgt Scott Moreton #585
Central Crime Managers – West Town
Hamilton Police Service
(905) 540-5093 


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