“Peter Gzowski and the Complexities of Biography” by Rae Fleming

The Hamilton Association for the Advancement of Literature, Science and Art presents “Peter Gzowski and the Complexities of Biography” by Rae Fleming.  McMaster University Medical Centre, Ewart Angus wing, Room 1A1.  Free.

Devoted listeners of CBC radio programs This Country in the Morning and Morningside knew Peter Gzowski as the “voice of Canada.”  His interviews with guests from all over the country ran the gamut of Canadian culture and politics, brought everyday life into the media, and were credited wit nurturing a low-key, yet unabashed, form of nationalism.  Long before that he started out as a print journalist, praised as something of a boy wonder.  When Peter left the airwaves, and on his death, many Canadians felt they had lost a friend they knew well.

Dr. Rae Fleming’s biography examines the Gzowski persona and the complex man behind it.  He describes every biographer’s struggle with availability and reliability of sources, the tension between objectivity and empathy, and the unexpected discoveries.  He is also author of articles and books about Canadian history and heritage issues.

For more information, see www.haalsa.org or call 905-522-6067.

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