1927 silent film “It” starring Clara Bow with live piano score performed by composer Robert Bruce.

One of the most enjoyable vintage silent films to watch from today’s perspective, this classic light romantic comedy was a hit with audiences all over the United States, breaking box office records when it was released in 1927.  Critics praised the film, especially its star, Clara Bow, as “a joy to behold.”  Few screen personalities, in any era, are so vividly alive and fascinating to watch as Clara Bow in this film.  “It” turned her from a movie star into a legend, and the term “it girl” entered the cultural lexicon.

Composer/pianist Robert Bruce’s live score for this film follows the story and action pretty closely, weaving in and out of a variety of musical moods and styles ranging from the Jazz Age sounds popular in the 20s to more reflective and descriptive neoclassical pieces, which have somewhat become his own musical trademark.  This will be his first Hamilton performance of this particular silent film and live score in several years.

Tickets are $15 and are available at the door, via PayPal at www.robertbrucemusic.com, or reserve atrobertbrucemusic@gmail.com .  For further information contact Robert Bruce at robertbrucemusic@gmail.com or 905-777-9196.

About the film: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It_(1927_film) or http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0018033/

About the composer/pianist:
Since the late 1970s composer/pianist Robert Bruce has developed a diverse catalog of original music that includes piano repertoire for students; music for film, television, and animation; orchestral and piano works; and a collection of art songs that he performs with his Classical Nouveau ensemble.

Working for the past decade with two of the largest film/TV music publishers in the world (Sonoton, based in Germany, and Audio Network, based in the UK), Robert’s music has now appeared in hundreds of films and of television shows worldwide. 2012 has been particularly active, with his music being used in numerous high-profile projects including the Honda Ad aired during the 2012 Super Bowl that features Mathew Broderick revamping his famous Ferris Bueller role, and in the trailer for the 2012 Hollywood feature “The Babymakers,” starring Olivia Munn and Paul Schneider.

Just prior to this program in Hamilton, Robert will be presenting a special live music/silent film program in Hollywood for the film production community as part of a special event presented by Sonoton and their North America distributor APM (Associated Production Music) that will, in part, highlight the silent film piano music CD Robert recorded last year.

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