Return to Rae Strait: Beyond Fatal Passage.

The Hamilton Association for the Advancement of Literature, Science and Art presents the first in its free public lecture series for 2013/14 with “Return to Rae Strait:  Beyond Fatal Passage.  To help mark the 200th birthday of Arctic explorer and Hudson’s Bay surgeon and surveyor Dr. John Rae, award-winning author, speaker, and Rae expert Ken McGoogan will give a multimedia presentation about his journeys to the hard to reach Rae Strait in Canada’s high Arctic, which he first visited in 1999 and wrote about in Fatal Passage.  Most famous for solving the mystery of the lost Franklin Expedition to find the Northwest Passage, John Rae was a co-founder of this organization (HAALSA) 156 years ago to encourage life-long learning in his adopted community.  Scott Millar, educator and canoe tripper, will join us to offer a surprise birthday tribute.  For the full series, membership information, or to inquire about a possible cancellation, check or call 905-527-0080.

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