George R. Allan Plans

Please find attached a plan showing when renovations and construction are planned to take  place at George R. Allan, expected to be ready in September 2014. When complete, the new double gym, change rooms and community room will be able to be locked off from the rest of the school for ease of evening and week-end community use. The construction plans will necessitate the removal of 3 Austrian pine trees, which have been found to be already diseased.
Please also find attached a file about further timelines for construction, the work of the Transition Committee,  renovation plans for Dalewood, and the required process for selling off the Prince Philip property.
Judith Bishop
Trustee Ward 1 and 2
Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
905 512 5713 

2013 Prince Philip to George R. Allan

2013 G.R. Allan Site Plan

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