Bringing William Blair Bruce into the Light – Tobi Bruce

The Hamilton Association for the Advancement of Literature, Science and Art presents the first of its free public lectures in the 2014-2015 series:  Bringing William Blair Bruce into the Light, by Tobi Bruce, senior curator at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, who spent three years immersed in the life of the Hamilton-born artist William Blair Bruce.  His legacy of paintings helped bring the AGH into being exactly 100 years ago.  The resulting exhibition, Into the Light: The Paintings of William Blair Bruce (1859-1906), on view until Oct. 5, is the culmination of her research and travels to pull together many stands from the artist’s family, life, art, and influences–from Hamilton to France and Sweden.  She presents a personal narrative of the exhibit and life of this talented and versatile artist in an illustrated presentation.  For more information:

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