Meeting re the Future of Binkley United Church

Community members are invited to join a discussion about the future of the Binkley United Church property at 1570 Main Street West.  We are asked to “RSVP ASAP”; contacts and more information below.


Thursday October 4, 9 am to 1 pm

From: Project Team – Binkley United Church
Re: Property Redevelopment of 1570 Main Street West

Binkley United Church is currently engaged in contacting local community members, service providers, stakeholders and municipal representatives to help us explore community needs and possibilities as we consider options for the redevelopment of our church property at 1570 Main Street West in Hamilton. Our project team is hoping that you would like to be involved in discussing with other community partners the local and municipal needs and potential impacts this redevelopment could address. We invite you to join us for a Community Roundtable at Binkley United Church on Thursday, October 4th, 2018 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Congregants are keen and committed to collaborate and explore our options with the community and stakeholders. There is a strong heart within the congregation to continue having a church, sanctuary and community presence with a renewed mission that meaningfully serves current local needs, priorities and partners.

If you would like to meet with members of our project team, to gain more information and participate in the dialogue, please contact,

Mark your calendars now for the morning of October 4th
Please let us know if you can attend ASAP
Contact Brian Snell at or by phone at 905-525-9696. Or Jane Farrow at or call 647-500-0385.

Blessings from the Binkley Project Team:

Rev. Glenn Baker, Ian Gordon, Wayne Bishop, Bob Bryant, Ross Judd, Kathleen Cruickshanks, Karen Snell, Kathy Ouellette, Margaret Lomas, Rosemaire Patak, and Brian Snell


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