Mechanics of Bird Migration

The season is coming to a close this Saturday with a talk by George Holland entitled: Mechanics of Bird Migration.

The timing is perfect. I’m sure you’ve been seeing and hearing the burgeoning number of birds around Hamilton in the last few weeks. We take it for granted they will return every spring, though we don’t fully understand what essential forces trigger migration and guide birds on their long journeys. Mr. Holland, Director of the Bird Study Group of the Hamilton Naturalists’ Society and a former President of the Manitoba Naturalists, has been intrigued by these questions for many years. He will describe how birds come to our area and what natural and manmade perils they encounter. The talk will concentrate on raptors (hawks, peregrine falcons, bald eagles and similar birds of prey) and an extensive group of much smaller birds, the wood warblers. It will be enhanced by many of Mr. Holland’s own photographs.

The Hamilton Association for the Advancement of Literature, Science and Art Hamilton, Established 1857, 42 Head Street, Hamilton, General 905-527-0080.


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